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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject Re: Implementing the Lock->Edit->Unlock cycle
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2016 17:07:07 GMT
On 9/28/2016 5:46 PM, Anton Shepelev wrote:
> Hello, all
> We  are migrating to SVN from the dreaded SourceSafe
> and should like to retain, if only at the start, the
> exclusive  check-out  process,  with  the  following
> *atomic* operations which  should  be  performed  as
> easily as possible:
>    1.  lock and update,
>        lest  one  might accidentally start editing an
>        old version of some file.
>    2.  commit and unlock.
> Can SVN be configured to have such  operations,  and
> how?
> We plan to use it mainly from the AnkhSVN plugin for
> Visual Studio, but  I  think  the  question  belongs
> here.
I honestly suggest you drop that whole VSS concept of locking and 
unlocking files. In my current job I migrated us from VSS to SVN around 
8 years ago. Those who only knew VSS before and got used to the problem 
of working with locked files had really heavy concerns about a system 
not relying on locks (and the potential problems with resolving/handling 
conflicts upon merges). It took them only around 2-3 days to realize 
that the way SVN works is way better than the lock/unlock style and all 
their concerns went away before the end of the week.

That said: I really suggest you go the direct way and not use the 
lock/unlock workflow anymore. Maybe suggest to try it for a week at 
least and if it really causes concerns/problems in your case you can 
restore the lock/unlock process without much trouble at that point.

If you still want to stay with locks, then yes, it's possible. Users can 
lock files (and therefore indicate that they are working on these), 
commit their change and unlock the file again. Note that out of the box 
SVN won't require a file to be locked before commit however (but if it 
is, you can't commit it without removing the lock first). You should be 
able to prevent commits without a prior lock however (via the pre-commit 
hook) and you could also automate unlocking of locked files upon commit 
(via the post-commit hook), if that's really something you need to do.

As far as I know you can also ensure that a lock is only removed by an 
authorized user, via the pre-unlock-hook.

Stefan Hett

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