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From Tom Sorensen <>
Subject Subversion dump/load - author
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 14:12:38 GMT
Hello -

I am a self taught Subversion administrator. I hope I am posting to the correct place. I am
moving a subversion repository from Linux to Windows.
I performed the dump command on the Linux machine and copied the resulting repository. dump
file to the windows machine. On the windows machine I created an empty repository via a subversion
Edge console. I then performed the load command from a command line prompt. The repository
loaded but the 'author' on all folders have the same person's name assigned. For example jbrown
is the author throughout the entire repository. Some time ago I had a test repository and
performed the same as above and all of the resulting 'authors' were correctly loaded.

I have reviewed the subversion website, but haven't seen anything on this. Can you help?

Thank You

Tom Sorensen
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
IT Services
Jefferson County Colorado
Phone: 303-271-8049
Cell:        303-570-6487

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