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From Pit Del <>
Subject fatal bug on svn in core functionality reproducing every time
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2016 14:03:25 GMT
Bug title: Svn checkout or update cannot successfully get second sub-root
folder and files from svn server.

Let assume that we have on server one root folder and two sub-root folders.
In sub-roots folder have many files and directory.

User want to get all data from svn server to local directory "c:\ms_svn\"

Step to reproduce bug.
Start command

checkout "c:\ms_svn\" from htpp:// --recursively

After starting command files start to downloading, but if network stop
after second file, second svn sub-root directory will never download on
user local machine.


We cannot start checkout "c:\ms_svn\" from htpp://
--recursively because now have two files. If we start updata will will get
only files part of the sub-root1

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