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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: History split after server-side mkdir/mv
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:48:23 GMT

On 10/27/16 7:04 AM, Dario Niedermann wrote:
> I have a repository I had made in a pinch, without any directory
> structure, just adding files to the root.
> When the time came to add some method to the madness, I created
> the 3 canonical directories, then moved (server-side) all files to
> 'trunk/'. Now, when I issue `svn log' in my freshly checked-out
> working copy, I face the following situation:
> *  'trunk/' only remembers revisions since when it was created;

I think your example will be easier to follow if you provide more 
concrete details, such as the specific log commands you're issuing.

However, without further information, it sounds like Subversion is 
functioning as designed. Namely, that in Subversion, a folder has 
history just like a file. So if you ask for the history of trunk, you 
can only find out the history of the folder back to its birth.
> *  the single files within 'trunk/' remember and show their full
>     history;
> *  when I `cd' to the working copy's "root" ('trunk/..') I see
>     everything: from 1 to HEAD, including all changes to 'trunk/'.
> Now, since no history was lost, this is not a real problem. I'd just
> like, for 'trunk/' (i.e.: when I'm in 'trunk/' and issue `svn log') to
> see everything back to revision 1. So I guess the question is: is there
> a way to tell 'trunk/' that it also "owns" the repository root history
> up to its birth?

I don't believe there's any good way to do what you want without 
recreating the history of your repository. You might be able to achieve 
what you want by doing an svnadmin dump & load, where you load to a 
sub-directory trunk", then relocate everything buried a level down 
(trunk/trunk/...) back into the top-level trunk folder.


> Thanks for your comments,
> DN

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