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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject Re: Svn branching issue
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 11:22:03 GMT
On 11/8/2016 12:00 PM, gyanendra ojha wrote:
> Hi Cooke,
> i think this is a limitation in svn that should be fixed.
> without this in place, we would never be able to achieve moving 
> branches to different location as history will still point to old path 
> that can't be accessed as it has been deleted
I'm wondering whether you are using here wrong assumptions. Certainly no 
history is removed/deleted, if you rename/move a file/directory. The 
history is still present.
To explain the situation:

Assume you have a record of the financial record of Marry Jane Mayer. 
Now she get's married at date x and changes her last name to Nickson.
If you query the history of Marry Jane Meyer for the time <=x you will 
get the record of Marry Jane Nickson. Aka: History/Data is always to be 
seen in relation to a time/date (the revision). Nothing is removed, but 
if you want to query the data for a file which is called foo at the 
current time but was renamed at time x from bar, then if you want to 
query foo's data at time <=x you have to state that the file you request 
the data for was named bar back then (not foo, which might also have 
existed at the same time, but would have been a completely different file).

> In my project , the folders and branches have been created in very 
> improper way and now there has been critical need to reorganise the 
> messy branch structure in svn by moving and recreating proper 
> streamlined branch structure
> now, you are saying history will still point to old location, but now 
> that old location has been deleted as i had to cleanup old unwanted 
> branches and folders, i won't be able to access the path showing in 
> svn log and therefore those logs or history are not relevant for me
If you query the whole history of file foo, then this will contain the 
history also before the file was renamed.
> [...]
P.S. please don't top post

Stefan Hett

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