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From James <>
Subject SVN merge between branches is actually overwrite?
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2016 13:49:00 GMT
I just found if I merge branch B to branch A, the two branches will become the same. changes
in branch A will gone. Is this by design? or I did something wrong? I am using the latest

I did more than once with the instruction found online:

In the From URL option, you should mention the branch to which you have to merge. For example,
assume that there are 2 branches branch A and branch B, and you want to merge branch B to
branch A. In TortoiseSVN, click on Merge option and then select Merge two different trees
option. In the From URL, please mention URL of branch A and in the To URL, mention URL of
branch B. This should merge branch B to branch A without loosing any files.

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