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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: Adopting unversioned directory on svn up
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2016 18:38:36 GMT
On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 07:23:21PM +0100, Olaf van der Spek wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 12:36 PM, Johan Corveleyn <> wrote:
> > Maybe Stefan Sperling (in cc) or others working on the tree conflict
> > resolver have more insight on this ...?
> Stefan?
> For directories it seems like a no-brainer to avoid the conflict.

Indeed, adding a resolver option for this should not be very difficult.
Would you like to try writing a patch for this? I think this is a nice
problem for someone who would be interested in contributing to the new
conflict resolver code.

I don't know if or when I'll find time to teach the new conflict resolver
about unversioned obstructions before we release 1.10.0. I'm already rather
busy with much more difficult resolver problems than this one, problems which
I consider much more important for SVN's core use cases (such as moves).
So I believe my time is better spent on these other problems.

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