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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: SVN Properties
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2016 21:35:33 GMT
Hi Amad,

On 11/1/16 1:48 PM, CM Analyst wrote:
> Eric,
> Thank you for your response.
> Actually, we do copy executables to a "release" directory in SVN.
> However, for that to happen, the release content has to be defined in 
> advance, completed the formal test cycle.
You could have another folder which is just "Pending RC". EXEs could 
then be moved from there to the destination....
> For some stakeholders, that's too late. Our challenge is really about 
> how to determine release content.
I think Subversion properties don't get you there. Subversion properties 
speak to properties of the thing they're assigned to, where those 
properties are about the folder or file, not about what external systems 
/ people think of the folder / file. That's why "mimetype" is a perfect 
versioned property - it is a property about the file itself.

Why not have a version-controlled file which serves the purpose of 
identifying release content?
> They want the ability to "see" (determine the eligibility of an .exe) 
> beforehand: after coding and testing is done but before SW is copied 
> to the 'release' directory.
> My thought was to see if I can create some naming scheme by which to 
> tie disparate components together using the property feature.
> Perhaps that's not possible.
The properties are not the same as a "tagging" mechanism that you might 
find in other contexts.

> On Tuesday, November 1, 2016 2:36 PM, Eric Johnson <> wrote:
> Hi Amad
> On 11/1/16 10:26 AM, CM Analyst wrote:
> > Hello,
> > In our environment, there is a need to identify one or more set of
> > files with a custom attribute. I expect SVN properties is the way to go?
> > For a given set of .exes, I want to attach an attribute using the SVN
> > property called "RC: Release Candidate".
> > My questions:
> > 1) Is this approach a recommended use for the SVN's property feature?
> While there is nothing wrong with this use, given #2, it doesn't seem
> like a particularly useful path.
> Also, contrary to the apparent purpose of your proposed label, the label
> will stick to the file even as you modify it. Which means that an update
> to the EXE, would still be marked "RC: Release Candidate", and unless
> you took an extra step in order to clear that setting. Since that step
> could be forgotten, unless automated, it seems like a less-than-robust
> mechanism.
> Why not copy the exe to a "Release Candidate" folder in SVN?
> > 2) Is there a way to search to later retrieve all .exes with the given
> > property?
> No. Also unclear whether you want to do this only for "latest", but also
> for "over time". If you want to do it over time, that means exhaustively
> searching through older releases.
> > In my testing so far, I created:
> > $ svn propset Released "This SW component is available for release." foo
> > property 'Released' set on 'foo'
> > $ svn proplist foo
> > Properties on 'foo':
> > Released
> > svn:mime-type
> > However, I was not able to then search and locate the file by its
> > property.
> Exactly.
> > 3) What is a better way to indicate a given status/attribute on a set
> > of files?
> See my suggestion above about copying into a known folder. Would that
> satisfy your requirements?
> Eric.
> >
> > Amad

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