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From "Bijewitz, Volker" <>
Subject AW: svn_dirent_t::size: often not the "real" file size
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 10:30:36 GMT
Ok, thank you for explaining this. Yes, I understand that SVN is normalizing
the text files, so their real size may differ from client to client.


Unfortunately I do not know if the user has got an working copy and where it
can be found . So the only way to solve this is creating once a local copy of
each file and store the real size in a DB referenced by the file URL and
revision number L. 




Von: Bert Huijben [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2017 10:39
An: Bijewitz, Volker;
Betreff: RE: svn_dirent_t::size: often not the "real" file size


The size reported is the size of the file in repository form. The size might
be different when a different line end encoding is used and/or when keyword
expansion is enabled. (Can be larger or smaller)


svn_client_statusX() reports both sizes when the file is a 'normal' working
copy file.


The list function works 100% repository side and we simply don't know the
size the file would be in some working copy, as the size might be different
in other working copies.




From: Bijewitz, Volker [] 
Sent: donderdag 2 februari 2017 09:22
Subject: svn_dirent_t::size: often not the "real" file size


Hi SVN developers,


I am working on an TotalCommander plugin to browse SVN repositories. Now I
have the problem that on some repositories the filesize reported by
svn_client_list3 is different from the "real" file size of the working copy -
so comparing the SVN repo with the working copy is impossible. So here are my
questions on this issue:


·         Is there a way for a SVN client to detect the "real" filesize?

·         Does this behavior change with the server version? I have one
server where the filesize seems to match, another server where it does not

·         If there are servers that reports "real" file sizes: is there a
client functionality to detect if he is connected to a server with "good"


This may be not the correct way to do a compare, there would be better ways
using the SVN interface. But I am limited to the TC plugin interface. And in
this interface there is no "Compare with file" function. I have just to
deliver the correct properties, and TC itself does the operation in a way the
user has configured it. 




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