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From Andrey <>
Subject Re: "svn status" does not show unversioned items been deleted but not committed
Date Thu, 18 May 2017 12:03:18 GMT
>> As you see the file1.txt is missed in second status output as
>> unversioned and so can be missed from add before a commit.
> It's not unversioned, it's in the "deleted" state. You can't have both,
> since you can revert the deletion.
If i'll revert it then i'll LOSE CHANGES because the svn will remove
another file w/o warning in this case. Just because it had the same name.

However, I don't want to revert anything, i am talking about possibility
of forget to add files because they are obscured by the deletion state in
the status.

PS: Please send me a mail copy (CC) next time. You know is hard to put
everything in the answer from a raw mail in the mailing list archive.

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