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From "Ramamurthy, Manochitra" <>
Subject RE: Facing issues in Enable editing log messages.
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 06:58:39 GMT
Hi Brane,

I have explained below, what am I trying to do and the errors.


From: Ramamurthy, Manochitra
Sent: 30 June 2017 12:30
To: 'Eric Johnson'
Cc: ''
Subject: RE: Facing issues in Enable editing log messages.

Hi Eric,

It’s still unresolved issue. As per your suggestion few days back, I tried to reset password
for CSVN username. Please refer the screenshots.

1.      Logged in with CSVN account.

2.       Command to Run : svn propset -r 35855 --revprop svn.log "Added SinghV and Kumar2A
in SWBang" https://svnservername/electronic/eCoE_SVN_Repos/access/svn_access_electronic.txt


3.      In above screenshot I gave password of CSVN account but still it prompts for credentials.

Please guide me, i want to enable editing log messages.


Error :

Expecting assistance as much as possible. This issue is going on from long period and it is
high priority one.


Applications Administrator
Office : (+91) 8046552670
Mobile : (+91) 9786931882

From: Branko Čibej []
Sent: 05 July 2017 22:16
To: Ramamurthy, Manochitra
Subject: Re: Facing issues in Enable editing log messages.


On 05.07.2017 14:57, Ramamurthy, Manochitra wrote:
Hi Eric,

Can you please help me to resolve this issue ?

Which part of my answer from a week ago did you not understand?

-- Brane
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