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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: building subversion --with-zlib=.... seems to have no effect
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2017 04:56:00 GMT
Hiran CHAUDHURI wrote on Mon, 14 Aug 2017 14:25 +0000:
> I am building subversion from source but always see the output files depend
> on the system-supplied zlib which is way older than the one I want to use.

I gather you build 1.9.5.

> What I did was this:
> ./configure --with-apr=$PREFIX/apr --with-apr-util=$PREFIX /apr-util
> --with-sqlite=$PREFIX /sqlite
> which gives me the error message that subversion requires zlib. So far so
> good.

This implies that configure doesn't find zlib in the default paths.
That's odd, given that later you indicate that libz was found in
/lib64, which probably _is_ one of the default paths.

Are there any clues in configure's output from this run?

> Then I do
> ./configure --with-apr=$PREFIX/apr --with-apr-util=$PREFIX/apr-util
> --with-sqlite=$PREFIX/sqlite --with-zlib=$PREFIX/zlib
> which terminates with exit code 0. The messages on stdout look ok, but when I
> do make and make install, the created libraries will depend on the
> system-supplied zlib instead of the one I specified to use. Further, in
> config.log I can see these lines:
> ...  $ ./configure --with-apr=$PREFIX/apr --with-apr-util=$PREFIX/apr-util
> --with-sqlite=$PREFIX/sqlite --with-zlib=$PREFIX/zlib ...  So this is
> confusing for me. While the parameter I passed was recognized and the
> different checks on zlib were successful, the overall result is
> --with-system-zlib?
> After make and make install, when I check the compiled libraries I get this
> output:
> ldd ... => /lib64/
> (0x00007fc978e9f000) ...
> This shows me that the system zlib library is indeed referenced. How would I
> compile subversion with zlib in a nonstandard location?

Possibly apr or serf bring in another copy of zlib than the one you intended.
What's the output of Ā«grep "^SVN_.*LIBS =" MakefileĀ»?

Can you show the linker invocation of libsvn_client?

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