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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject Re: help with repo upgrade?
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 11:27:38 GMT
On 8/3/2017 1:10 PM, Baker, Randy (US) (Contractor) wrote:
> Thank you for the speedy reply, and Yes, on purpose. I didn't think the list could benefit
from the language in my last email. So, if I may more thoroughly explain : I'm a new hire
here at this firm, tasked with upgrading the Subversion server from RHEL 5x to 7x. That was
done successfully, but a user suggested I also upgrade the repos as well to benefit from the
new server's features. The current server (from which I ran 'svnadmin upgrade') is 1.6.11.
At the time, it was the only management server connected to NetApp (repos).  Now, when users
attempt any svn work, they get the error I reported in the ticket. So, now that I've added
the new Subversion server (running 1.9.4)  as a management server to NetApp, what should be
my next move?
> Should I want to just do 'svnadmin upgrade <repo>'  from the new server, or do
I need to dump and load the repos first? I have  200 repos, all production, so I'm sure you
understand the need for accuracy here. Apologies for being such a newbie with this, but I'm
being as cautious and informed as necessary.   Thank you.
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> Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2017 6:56 AM
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> Subject: Re: help with repo upgrade?
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> On Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 10:22:57AM +0000, Baker, Randy (US) (Contractor) wrote:
>> You're the second person to tell me this. I am not using 1.7. I'm using 1.9.4. What
exactly is it, in that article (which I've perused several times, by the way), that I'm supposed
to find that benefits my situation? Give me the technical solution from that article that
helps my scenario.
> You forget to the Cc the list. Was this on purpose?
> I think this discussion should stay on the public list to benefit people reading the
> It does not matter which version you are using today.
> What matters is the version which this reposiotry was created with.
> It seems the repository in question was created with an 1.7.0 alpha release. This should
not have happened in a production setup. It may have been a mistake or an experiment not meant
to survive this long.
> This repository can only be salvaged by installing that old alpha release and dumping
the repository with that release. This dump file can then be used with 1.9.  This is what
the link provided is supposed to explain.
> Perhaps it did not explain clearly enough. Which part was unclear to you?
> We can probbably improve the description if you explain where the existing text lost
As stsp stated you first need to get grip of a 1.7.0-alpha build which 
you can run against your repository. Given that s/o created the 
repository with such an alpha version I'd guess that somewhere in your 
company some backup of such a version should lie around somewhere. I'm 
not aware of any publicly available binaries of such a version, 
unfortunately. Worst case, you'll have to build such version from the 
old source code (or s/o on this list can help out with that).

You then need to do an svnadmin dump with that particular alpha version 
and the repository in question. When you got the dump, you'll setup a 
fresh repository, set the UUID of the new repository to the old one and 
do an svnadmin load with the 1.9.4 version of the previously stored dump 
file into the new repository.

Stefan Hett

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