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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Corporations that have a Subversion install - fancy deploying a file-sync tech that uses it?
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2017 20:25:46 GMT

If you're prepared to make a few additions to httpd.conf, you can get
running with this Python3 technology to do file-sync using Subversion as
the backing store.  It doesn't require any client-side Subversion install,
but does Python and some pips. At least up until I make an installer.

I'll make the usual UI for it in the weeks that follow.

Right now I am hoping to integrate with various other
applications/services. Trello, Slack, etc. That would be for workflow-ish

Say - Fred assigns a spreadsheet to Wilma in Trello by changing the
'assigned to' aspect of a card, and a few seconds later it appears on her
C: drive. "Update the day totals", he says.  She does, and a bot notices
the change in the spreadsheet and updates Authz files to make it
effectively disappear from her C: drive (and update in Trello again).

Or maybe that workflow happens in Slack.

Get in touch if you're a corporate and are intrigued.

Also, feel free to ask questions...

- Paul

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