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From Bartosz Pierzchlewicz <>
Subject Problem with file name encoding during merge - URL Encoding (Percent Encoding)
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 12:38:16 GMT
We have subversion server in version 1.9.4-1ubuntu1 (apache, 2.4.18-2ubuntu4.1).

Clients connect via http protocol.

We have problems with filename encoding (not its content) during merge process.

It is probably server configuration issue, because we encounter this problem on Windows and
Linux machines using different client libraries.

Steps to reproduce:

svn checkout http://path.svn/trunk
svn copy http://path.svn/trunk	 http://path.svn/branches/1.0 -m "create branch 1.0"
svn switch http://path.svn/branches/1.0 trunk
svn add "trunk\file With Space.txt"
svn commit -m "Add file with space" trunk
svn switch http://path.svn/trunk trunk
svn merge -c3  http://path.svn/branches/1.0 trunk
svn commit -m "Commit After Merge" trunk

svn log http://path.svn/ -r4 -v

Changed paths:
   M /trunk
   A /trunk/file%20With%20Space.txt (from /branches/1.0/file With Space.txt:3)

As You can see file created by merge has name 'file%20With%20Space.txt' instead 'file With
File names are changed by URL Encoding (Percent Encoding).

Bartosz Pierzchlewicz

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