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From Chris <>
Subject Exclude file types from SVN diffs?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2017 09:59:49 GMT

what's the best way to filter out a certain type of file from svn diff output without having
to use external tools such as filterdiff?

The project I'm working with insists on storing a lot of data files in ascii format in the
repo, but users don't want to see diffs for these files.
I was thinking of changing the svn:mime-type on these to e.g. octet-stream, but will that
affect how the database on the server handles these as well? That is, it would be nice if
the server could still treat these files as text files and compress changes, but that the
diffs are not shown to users.

Another option would be if there's some way to add exclude-patterns to svn diff, e.g. something
like "svn diff --exclude-filepatterns '*.ascii'". Is anything similar to that available?
Or a similar exclude-functionality that could look for specific svn properties "--exclude-files-with-properties
myasciifileproperty" so I can force a property "myasciifileproperty" on all these files


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