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From Luca Baraldi <>
Subject Bug - svn hangs
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2017 22:03:11 GMT
Hello, I am experiencing a problem for which I cannot see solution nor 
better way to investigate my case than writing to you.

I am a java developer so I may not know low level details, but if 
instructed I may provide them.

Client: Ubuntu 17.10, svn version is 1.9.7 (r1800392) - official repository

Server: CentOs running collabnet svnserve 1.8.0

I started working ok with some 5 repository, but suddenly (after weeks) 
happens that two of them gets "blocked", I mean, svn ls or update 
commands hangs indefinitely without prompting any kind of message. What 
is really strange is that is happening only on some subdirectories on 
that  repositories, and if I try with other pc (ie Windows with 
TortoiseSvn), everything seems all right. I was not able to obtain any 
useful info nor logs on server, I think it is definitively a client 
problem but no idea where to look for more infos.

I am blocked by this problem and cannot go on working with my pc.

Thanks for your help!


Luca /--Sent from my Pigeon Post/

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