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From Bo Berglund <>
Subject First cvs2svn conversion, problem with "symbols"
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2017 20:44:08 GMT
OS on which conversion runs: Ubuntu10 (i386)
cvs2svn version = 2.5.0
repository source: cvsnt on Windows
cvs parser: cvsnt on ubuntu (this is why I am on ubuntu10)
python version: 2.6.5
cvsnt version on windows and ubuntu is the same.
options file: Example file edited as per suggestions

I have taken one of our CVS repositories, which contains just 16
projects, as a test case for the full conversion to come later.
I used the options file approach so that I could use the automatic
listing of these projects.
What happens is that when I run the conversion after pass 1 (listing
all the ,v files) this is displayed:

Time for pass1 (CollectRevsPass): 4.491 seconds.
----- pass 2 (CleanMetadataPass) -----
Converting metadata to UTF8...
Time for pass2 (CleanMetadataPass): 0.036 seconds.
----- pass 3 (CollateSymbolsPass) -----
ERROR: Problems determining how symbols should be converted:
It is not clear how the following symbols should be converted.
Use --symbol-hints, --force-tag, --force-branch, --exclude, and/or
--symbol-default to resolve the ambiguity.
    'EAGLE2-version1' is a tag in 13 files, a branch in 0 files, a
trivial import in 0 files, a pure import in 0 files, and has commits
in 0 files in 0 files
    'start' is a tag in 13 files, a branch in 0 files, a trivial
import in 0 files, a pure import in 0 files, and has commits in 0
--- and the list continues looking approximately as above ---

I have no idea what I should do about this, the "symbols" are just
tags on certain revisions in a number of files. Some tags might be
regular tags and some branch tags.
But that is normal in a CVS repository so what is it complaining about
and what should I do about it?

In the options file I have this at the end as suggested in the

#Importing all projects in a CVS repository as separate projects

# 1)List all projects automatically
import os
cvs_repo_main_dir = '/home/bosse/CVSREPOS/Bosse'
projects = os.listdir(cvs_repo_main_dir)

# 2) Probably you don't want to convert CVSROOT:

# 3) Now loop projects and add to conversion list
for project in projects:
        cvs_repo_main_dir + '/' + project,
        trunk_path=(project + '/trunk'),
        branches_path=(project + '/branches'),
        tags_path=(project + '/tags'),

# Change this option to True to turn on profiling of cvs2svn (for
# debugging purposes):
run_options.profiling = False

What should I do to handle the symbols issue?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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