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From "Coffman, Jake A CTR (US)" <>
Subject Wandisco svn windows install
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2017 20:06:49 GMT
	In my situation I have created 8 different repo dumps from an older Ubuntu/Svn setup and
imported or loaded them into a new Wandisco Svn instance on a Windows 10 box.  I have the
Tortoise SVN client installed on my local machine and I am trying to now connect and get or
download the repos from that new Windows box.  I have also tried to access it via just typing
the url into a web browser and accessing/viewing the repos that way but I am have no luck.
 I am able to go or https://THESVNSERVERSIP/ and I am able to hit
the index page that says "IT WORKS" but that is all that works if you will.  Is there one
or several configs within the windows 10 wandisco svn installation that I need to fill out
or change to get our setup to work correctly with the web browser and client?  There are no
firewalls and this is all internal use.

Jake Coffman
132nd WG Det 1, DTOC.
Des Moines, IA 50321
515-261-8891 Comm
261-8891 DSN

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