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From Bo Berglund <>
Subject svnlook tree seems to disregard revision...
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2017 23:34:27 GMT
I am trying to understand how to use svnlook so I am testing it on the
command line on my Win7 PC.
Look at this:

D:\>C:\Programs\Subversion\svnlook tree -r 773 D:\SVN\bosse
XMLTV/trunk/ --show-ids --full-paths
XMLTV/trunk/ <5-729.0.r773/27>
XMLTV/trunk/ConfigXMLTV2Mei.dof <2-735.0.r766/31>
XMLTV/trunk/ConfigXMLTV2Mei.dpr <5-735.0.r735/17>
XMLTV/trunk/ConfigXMLTV2Mei.exe <7-735.0.r766/32>
XMLTV/trunk/ConfigXMLTV2Mei.res <9-735.0.r766/33>
XMLTV/trunk/Data/ <2-730.0.r745/4>
XMLTV/trunk/Data/Boxer_TV_Access_LCN.html <4-730.0.r730/23>
XMLTV/trunk/Data/GetEPG.bat <7-730.0.r730/24>

Notice that files are listed that do not belong to r773, in fact it
seems not to matter at all which revision number I use, the output
stays the same. Only the first line seems to be associated to r773

Is this a bug or is the documentation wrong (SvnBook 1.7)?
It says on page 372:

This shows the tree output for revision 13 in our sample repository:
$ svnlook tree -r 13 /var/svn/repos

What gives here?
I expected *only* to see the files changed by r773.

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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