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From "Keva-Slient" <>
Subject why my process open .svn/tmp/svn-XXXXXX file? and why are tmp files deleted? and why my process can't open the right file after tmp files deleted?
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2017 02:33:35 GMT
we use svn managing our config files.

we lock config file when do committing or writing operation.
in client side, only commit operation executes. and svndump in server.

our process is always opening file like repo/someconfig/files . it's strang process opened
tmp file like repo/.svn/tmp/svn-XXXXXX in some clients.  

and tmp file was deleted. our process report errors.

for example:
<8> Sundray-WAC / #lsof |grep online_assist | grep config |sort -k 3
704	/wns/sbin/online_assist	/wns/etc/config/.svn/tmp/svn-39HEsA (deleted)
704	/wns/sbin/online_assist	/wns/etc/config/.svn/tmp/svn-sTknMU (deleted)
704	/wns/sbin/online_assist	/wns/etc/config/.svn/tmp/svn-ynboPV (deleted)


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