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From Juraj Priskin <>
Subject svn diff non-temporary files option
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 12:07:04 GMT
I'm using vimdiff as my diff tool for svn diff.  The wrapper is simple one line command "vimdiff
-R $6 $7".  Having open vimdiff, it happens often that I would like to fix my local changes,
mostly typos, small stuff, etc.  It would be thus handy if I can do it in vimdiff, rather
than open the file separately.
I thought that there should be some svn diff option to do so, but I did not find that. 
After searching internet, I found few similar questions with no answers.  I briefly went
through red-bean SVN book, chapter 7., that has some details on external diff tool setup,
etc. but I haven't found solution there also.  I search your bugs also with no result.
Likely I can resolve this with some small Bash scripting, like getting my base file revision via
"svn info", then export that file revision from the repository, save it to some temp_base_file
and call vimdiff directly without "svn diff" like "vimdiff -R temp_base_file file", but this
seems to me odd.  At least just because I will not see potential changes in the file attributes.
So, is there a way how to provide the real local file for the external diff tool "right side"?
Thank you,Juraj

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