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From Bo Berglund <>
Subject Server side svn:auto-props, how to set it correctly?
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2018 20:18:53 GMT
I would like to set our SVN server to enforce some file properties for
commonly used files such as images and binary files as well as eol
handling between client operating systems.
I have fixed up one repository from the client side using working
copies and the script.
But it feels like I still have to make some *server side* settings
that will stop new file additions to be done with incorrect

I have tried looking for a manual for svn 1.9 but the only one I have
found is 1.7 and there is nothing about setting up server side
enforced properties. Apart from this there is only a number of
webpages, which I find hard to navigate.

What I have found is this:

But it is not clear to me HOW one can set these properties....

The system I am setting up consists of a number of VisualSVN
repositories each holding a number of projects of certain types. All
projects have the structure:
  |-- branches
  |-- tags
  |-- trunk

How can I set the auto-props on the server itself such that when
someone imports a new project the files will be assigned the necessary
properties even if they have not properly set up their clients?

I need some exact command descriptions if possible...

On the server I found a conf subdirectory in the server root and it
contains a svnserve.conf file which starts out like this:

### This file controls the configuration of the svnserve daemon, if
### use it to allow access to this repository.  (If you only allow
### access through http: and/or file: URLs, then this file is
### irrelevant.)

Our access method is via https: through the Apache webserver, so this
conf file is apparently not useful at all...

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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