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From Kenneth Porter <>
Subject Re: commit says TypeError: must be unicode, not str
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2018 18:31:52 GMT
[moving discussion to dev list as I think this is now the correct fix.]

--On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 7:40 PM -0800 Kenneth Porter 
<> wrote:

> --On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 7:23 PM -0800 Kenneth Porter
> <> wrote:
>>     fp =, 'w+') # avoid namespace clash with
>>                                    # trimmed-down svn_fs_open()
> I'm now thinking the problem is in the open call, and that I'm somehow
> getting a Python 3 open function even though I've got Python 2.7
> installed. Should the mode be 'wb' instead of 'w+'? That would insure
> that the raw data from the Subversion object is getting dumped into the
> temporary fle without interpretation. I don't understand why update
> (denoted by the plus) is wanted. The temp file isn't being read from.

Proposed edit to Change 'w+' to 'wb' when copying svn stream object 
to temporary file. Update isn't needed, and the code just needs to dump the 
raw data into a file for the external diff to access, so no 
encoding/decoding should occur. Hence we should open the file in binary 
mode. I just tested this edit and it seems to cure the problem.

It looks like this line is the same since it was originally added in 
r843330 and hasn't changed in Troy's swig-py3 branch.

>From my initial report in the users list:


I'm using in my post-commit hook and it's throwing a Unicode type 
error during the diff phase. Digging through the source code, I figured out 
that it's happening during the creation of the two temporary files for 
diff'ing. Somehow the output file is getting opened in Unicode text mode 
but the input source (the Subversion object stream) is a raw byte stream. 
The write call fails.

OS: CentOS 7.4

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