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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Server side svn:auto-props, how to set it correctly?
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2018 02:05:07 GMT
On 15.02.2018 21:18, Bo Berglund wrote:
> I would like to set our SVN server to enforce some file properties for
> commonly used files such as images and binary files as well as eol
> handling between client operating systems.
> I have fixed up one repository from the client side using working
> copies and the script.
> But it feels like I still have to make some *server side* settings
> that will stop new file additions to be done with incorrect
> properties.
> I have tried looking for a manual for svn 1.9 but the only one I have
> found is 1.7 and there is nothing about setting up server side
> enforced properties. Apart from this there is only a number of
> webpages, which I find hard to navigate.
> What I have found is this:
> But it is not clear to me HOW one can set these properties....

Obviously you set them on some directory and commit the change.

> The system I am setting up consists of a number of VisualSVN
> repositories each holding a number of projects of certain types. All
> projects have the structure:
> Project
>   |-- branches
>   |-- tags
>   |-- trunk
> How can I set the auto-props on the server itself

Not on the server, on the root of the repository, which is a directory.

>  such that when
> someone imports a new project the files will be assigned the necessary
> properties even if they have not properly set up their clients?
> I need some exact command descriptions if possible...

For example:

svn checkout ${REPOSITORY_ROOT_URL} ${WC_PATH} --depth empty
cd ${WC_PATH}
svn propset ${PROPERTY} ${VALUE}
svn commit -m "Commit message"

This will set a property on the repository root directory.

> PS:
> On the server I found a conf subdirectory in the server root and it
> contains a svnserve.conf file which starts out like this:
> ### This file controls the configuration of the svnserve daemon, if
> you
> ### use it to allow access to this repository.  (If you only allow
> ### access through http: and/or file: URLs, then this file is
> ### irrelevant.)
> Our access method is via https: through the Apache webserver, so this
> conf file is apparently not useful at all...

That's completely irrelevant, it has nothing to do with repository contents.

-- Brane

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