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From R developer <>
Subject Re: ... is already a working copy for a different url
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2018 18:28:09 GMT
You might be looking for the relocate command, execute it on the current
working copy and tell it which server folder it should be:

svn info .
Shows the current server url, might be wise to check if that is what you
think it is

I don't know how to do this in your client

Op vrijdag 2 februari 2018 heeft Martin Bo Andersen <>
het volgende geschreven:

> I couldn’t find FAQs addressing my problem, even though it’s probably
> simple, and the archives tried to help people that wanted something more
> than the basics.
> But I’m not trying to do anything “clever”.
> It’s just a checkout.
> (I’m using Tortoise, but I don’t think Tortoise is the cause of this
> problem ... unless it’s doing something I’m unaware of.)
> I have a directory structure with a folder and three subfolders
> Xsvn
> -- X1
> -- X2
> -- X3
> I can checkout X1, X2, and X3.
> When I try to checkout files from Xsvn to Xpc, I get “Xpc is already a
> working copy for a different url”
> If this is really true, then
> 1) it is not on purpose - I don’t want it to be a working copy for a
> different url
> 2) I don’t know which “different URL”
> 3) I don’t know how to solve it.
> It’s possible that it WAS a working copy for a different URL, because I
> didn’t know how SVN wanted things, but I have re-arranged my folders, so
> there should be no such problem any more.
> How do I know which URL is the problem?
> How can I make SVN forget the wrong URL, so that I can use the folder for
> the right URL?
> Thanks
> Martin

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