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From "Christian Klie" <>
Subject enhancement suggestion
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2018 12:11:15 GMT
<html><head></head><body><div style="font-family: Verdana;font-size:

<div>currently I made a huge commit. In respect of the number of the files (see attachment
&quot;working copy&quot;).</div>

<div>While the commit went down the transaction grew and grew and grew (see attachment

<div>That all happend because of the files in the transaction&#39;s folder being
very small but huge in number so</div>

<div>those have a relativly huge overheat, because of the blocksize. So I am suggesting
to rethink the commit procedure but I am not</div>

<div>sure whether to report this or not.</div>



<div>Klie, Christian</div></div></body></html>
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