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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Subversion 1.9.7 server on Windows, advice on setting up svnsync?
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2018 12:20:04 GMT
Bo Berglund <> writes:

> 1) Do I have to disable the hooks I put in place for sync during the
> load? Or will they not be triggered during a load operation?

No, by default load does not invoke hooks.  You can choose to invoke
them via a command line options.

> 2) What do I do about the two repos where I have already run an
> initialization command without the flag and where a number of
> revisions have already been transferred before the error?

If you want to load a dumpfile into these repositories then you need an
incremental dumpfile that starts at the correct revision, not at zero.
So to update a mirror where head is rN you need:

  svnadmin dump --incremental -rN+1:head master

> If I erase these repos and recreate them empty can I repeat the
> initialization command with the non-empty flag and it will work? Or is
> the fact that the initialization has been already executed without the
> flag on these two master repos place them in limbo?
> Can an svnsync initialize command be undone?

The master knows nothing about the mirror (except for any custom stuff
that you put into the master hook files).  All the svnsync
initialization data is stored as revprops on r0 of the mirror. e.g:

$ svnlook proplist --verbose --revprop -r0 ../mirror/apache-repo-fsfs

You can modify/delete this data using propset/propdel commands.


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