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From Anders Munch <>
Subject Re: svn client for Windows and non-latin symbols
Date Wed, 09 May 2018 11:49:40 GMT
Branko ~ibej [] wrote:
> But if your console window [...]

The console is not the issue, or at least not the whole issue.  Output
might be captured and viewed in an GUI application, or processed by a

>> You can't even tell it to output utf-8, there's no such option. 
> There is, in fact, but not in Subversion; you have to fiddle with Windows' regional settings.

That's what Raymond Chen would call "a global solution to a local problem".

Have you actually found a regional setting that makes Windows use
utf-8?  "CHCP 65001" doesn't seem to affect Subversion's output
encoding on my system, so I'm not optimistic that it can be done.

regards, Anders
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