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From Hartmut Leister <>
Subject Subversion Exception during cleanup
Date Thu, 17 May 2018 07:40:33 GMT
 I encountered the following exceptions (see below) in the mid of

What I was doing:
- SVN-merge via TortoiseSVN, stopped with Error due to SVN-lock
  (small local changes separate from merged locations)
- SVN cleanup via TortoiseSVN on locked folder -> exception
- press [OK] -> next exception
- press [OK]
- trying cleanup again -> "Cleanup has successfully processed the following
paths: ..."

Best wishes
Hartmut Leister

Subversion Exception!
Subversion encountered a serious problem.
Please take the time to report this on the Subversion mailing list
with as much information as possible about what
you were trying to do.
But please first search the mailing list archives for the error message
to avoid reporting the same problem repeatedly.
You can find the mailing list archives at

Subversion reported the following
(you can copy the content of this dialog
to the clipboard using Ctrl-C):

In file
 line 227: assertion failed (svn_dirent_is_absolute(dir_abspath))

followed by

Cleanup failed to process the following paths:
sqlite[S5]: database is locked, executing statement 'PRAGMA
 case_sensitive_like=1;PRAGMA synchronous=OFF;PRAGMA
 recursive_triggers=ON;PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF;PRAGMA locking_mode =
 NORMAL;PRAGMA journal_mode = TRUNCATE;'
Another process is blocking the working copy database, or the underlying
filesystem does not support file locking; if the working copy is on a
network filesystem, make sure file locking has been enabled on the file

Version info
TortoiseSVN 1.9.4, Build 27285 - 64 Bit , 2016/04/24 13:59:58
Subversion 1.9.4, -release
apr 1.5.2
apr-util 1.5.4
serf 1.3.8
OpenSSL 1.0.2g  1 Mar 2016
zlib 1.2.8
SQLite 3.12.1


Hartmut Leister <> <>

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