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From Davor Josipovic <>
Subject Re: Reference to non-existent node
Date Tue, 22 May 2018 18:30:58 GMT
>  Now that is interesting. 40k doesn't seem to be such a large amount of data for modern
computers. Very slow and fragmented hard drive? Or perhaps there's something else going on
that is manifesting this way?

The HDD is indeed on the slowside, and together with low memory...

But I think this also show how I/O intensive SVN is. On the client side, for each committed
file, one copy is placed in .svn folder, and an other copy in a temporary folder (which is
deleted after file transfer in v1.9). So for each file committed, a double copy is made client-side.
This temporary copy is really necessary?

Server-side, I see similar disk bashing. For each committed file, max 2 (?) copies are made
in the transaction directory.

So any way to reduce the I/O?
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