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From Essig Felix <>
Subject Http authentication
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 13:38:30 GMT

I have a question about the http authentication when using the subversion api 1.8.13.
For example using the 'svn_client_list3' function:
Everytime this function is called the first http request does not contain any Authorization
header which leads to a '401 Authorization Required' response.
In my opinion this leads to an unnecessary delay when the function is called multiple times
and the same credentials could be used.

When calling this function the svn_client_ctx_t contains an svn_auth_baton_t with set default
username and default password parameters.

Now to my actual question:
Can this behaviour somehow be changed or is it just designed to work this way? I also know
that the version I'm using is not the newest one so if you think an upgrade to a newer version
could lead to some performance improvement please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your time :)

Felix Essig

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