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On Jul 17, 2018, at 04:48, Igor Korkin wrote:

> Can you give an instructions how to upload my research papers to the github?

Well ideally you would do so using the git program, not the svn program. How to use the git program would be out of scope for this mailing list.

GitHub is unique among git hosting providers (AFAIK) in that it does offer a Subversion compatibility mode, where you can in fact use the svn program to interact in a limited way with a git repository hosted on GitHub. However, it does not support the full Subversion feature set, and the partial support that it does offer is buggy. I have been using this mode for almost 2 years with a project I moved to GitHub, and I don't recommend it; the bugs cause my working copy to become corrupted often. If you can tolerate it, I recommend learning and using git instead when interacting with git repositories.