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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: How to commit only top level files?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 22:13:08 GMT
On 06.11.2018 21:11, Bo Berglund wrote:
> I have a project where I want to commit the modified sources in the
> top folder but want to prevent it from recursing to subdirectories,
> which hold the compiled binaries. These are only to be committed when
> the sources are stable.
> I looked at svn ci with the --depth argument, but I do not understand
> the wording of the docs:
> it says:
> --depth ARG
> Instructs Subversion to limit the scope of an operation to a
> particular tree depth. ARG is one of empty (only the target itself),
> files (the target and any immediate file children thereof), immediates
> (the target and any immediate children thereof), or infinity (the
> target and all of its descendants—full recursion).
> The problem I have is in the definition of "target"...

"Target" is any file or directory that you tell the command to operate
on. For example, when you say:

    svn commit foo bar

"foo" and "bar" are targets for 'svn commit'. You can omit explicit
targets for some commands — svn commit is one of them — in which case
the implicit target is the current directory; so,

    svn commit

means exactly the same as

    svn commit .

> I am doing the operation inside the top level of the WC tree (where
> the .svn dir is located).
> The command will be:
> svn ci --depth <argument>
> What should I use as argument so that only the changed files in the
> current dir are committed?

    svn commit --depth files

(or 'svn commit --depth files .') will only commit /files/ that in the
current directory. On the other hand,

    svn commit --depth immediates

will commit files /and/ directories, but will not recurse into the
directories. Basically this means that changed files and property
changes on directories in the current dir will be committed, but nothing

> empty does not work for me because the dir is NOT empty

That's not what '--depth empty' means. It means "commit only the target
itself", so if the target is a directory, it will only commit any
property changes on that directory.

> files does not work because I don't understand what "file children" is

Files within the target direcory.

> immediates clearly would include subdirs too?

Yes, but nothing inside those subdirs.

> infinity not what I want, full recursion...
> Tried to google but I only get hits that deal with the opposite, how
> to exclude file commit.
> I want to block recursion into subdirectories...

You want either 'svn commit --depth files' or 'svn commit --depth
immediates', depending on whether or not property changes on directories

-- Brane

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