So where did this idea about “… working copies on systems such as Windows that do not support symlinks” come from? NTFS supports symlinks, and has supported it for many years. If my memory is correct, it wasn’t avialable in the CLI interface, cmd.exe, utntil long after the file system API provided it – but now we are talking history!


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We have a SVN-server running on Windows and there we get problem with symlinks.

If we put up a SVN-server on a Linux-server would that work better with the symlinks although  the clients (TortoiseSVN) are on Windows?

Or do we have to have clients on Linux as well?


Please, see SVNBook | Versioning Symbolic Links (scroll down to the "Versioning Symbolic Links" section). Is this what you are asking about?


If the answer is "yes", then the platform where the SVN server runs does not matter. You need the clients to be on Linux, but the server can be on Windows.



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