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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: 答复: Can SVN pull request same as GIT?
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2018 08:47:46 GMT
钱海远(Nathan) wrote:
> [...]
> So we'd like to make a pre-commit CI system, if anyone who want to 
> commit his code, we will build and test it first , if the CI passed the 
> build and test , then it can merge to branches.
> We have 2 plan:
> Plan A ( 2015 we had make a linux svn issue plugin like this ,but it is 
> easy ,just replace the svn program , see it at attachment):
> 1. Make a perl script to replace the svn program, rename svn bin to svn-
> org;
> 2. User can use svn commit command to commit his code ( in fact , the 
> perl script will start) , the script will store the patches, and send it 
> to our build system. Also script will start a daemon program work at 
> user's computer to listen the build result.
> 3. When the build finished, daemon will tell user the result . We plan 
> use svn mucc to commit the file ,then update the working copy.

I understand. Currently, Subversion supports patches that contain only a limited kinds of
changes -- text modifications, property modifications. In the future I hope we can provide
a patch format that supports all kinds of Subversion changes (copy, move, binary files, etc.).
The "Shelving" developments are providing some of the support that will be necessary to do

> Plan B (search it at google ):
> 1. Create a merge (pull) branch from the trunk and check that out.
> 2.Merge you development check-out branch into the "pull" branch.
> 3.Run test threads and do compares to verify the merge.
> 4.Integrate with the trunk.

Yes, that is the other main option.

Thank you for explaining this more clearly.

- Julian

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