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From 钱海远(Nathan) <>
Subject How to join in to dev@
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2018 02:32:32 GMT
Dear Julian,

How to join in to dev@?

Share one of our tools, svn mulsitite :

1.       We use hooks to get svn commit info.

2.       When a commit came in , pre-commit will tell mulsitie to make a transaction lock(
When the commit finished ,it will unlock automatic).

3.       A commit finished , post-commit will the multisite it finished , then multisite will
start a sync process.

4.       When a repository in sync status, it will get a sync lock( repository will become
to readonly until sync finished).

Also we make some other features, like authz sync ( we make authz as mysql db, when db changed,
every site will generate a new authz file. ) , exception system (like power outage, data loss,
network congestion) and Management function.



Best Regards!

Haiyuan Qian

R & D Management Group

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

No.555 Qianmo Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310052, China

T (86571)88075998-20081

M (86)18969199712


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发件人: Julian Foad []
发送时间: 2018年11月30日 17:56
收件人: 钱海远(Nathan)
抄送: Subversion; Johan Corveleyn
主题: Re: Can SVN pull request same as GIT?

钱海远(Nathan) wrote:

> We want to develop a feature like git pull request .


> But it is not easy to develop. Svn has only one server , how to store the patches?

> If build failed , how to revert working copy. How to resolve the conflict.


> Git is a better , it can support pre-commit code review, pull request by default. Is

> subversion able to develop these features in the future?.

Some other companies are also interested in developing the same.

There are a few different possible directions.

You could implement pull requests (PR) using Subversion's branches. The PR would be some kind
of message that you send to your PR server, saying something like, "please merge branch $REPO_URL/branches/pull-requests/pr1234
to $REPO_URL/branches/my-branch". The PR server would check out the target branch in to a
WC local to that server, attempt the merge, commit it, and delete the PR. If the merge fails,
the PR server can "svn delete" the PR branch; there is no way to permanently delete the contents
of that branch from history, but in many cases that can be OK. If there are conflicts, the
PR server can send an error report back to the originating user.

If you really want the PR not to be committed to a branch, so that you can permanently delete
it if it fails, then you need to store patches somehow. That is an area where Subversion is
currently very weak. I am currently working on client-side shelving. Shelving provides a way
to manage patches on the client side (in a working copy), better than standard diff/patch
files. This was released in a simple form in v1.10, and improved in v1.11. Once this is working
well on the client side, it should be possible to extend the idea towards the server side.
Read more about it in the Wiki [1] and come and talk to us on dev@ about developing that further.

You said that you build a lot of tools for Subversion. It would be good if you can come to
the Subversion development mailing list "dev@" [2] -- that is where we discuss and design
and debug new feature developments. There we can share and help and learn from each other,
and there is where you are likely to connect with other developers who want to do the same
thing. When you are ready, if you can write a more detailed description of any of your plans,
or share something that you have already developed, you could send it to dev@ and I will be
interested to read it and help guide my development of the shelving and future directions,
and I hope also that you will find someone else likes it too and wants to help you make it


[2] see for details.

- Julian


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