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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: Can SVN pull request same as GIT?
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2018 11:12:59 GMT
On 04.12.2018 10:11, 钱海远(Nathan) wrote:
> Will you make any plan on SVN pull request?


Subversion is a version control tool, not a code review tool. There are
plenty of those available, both open-source and commercial, and some of
them support Subversion for version control.

Now if someone wants to write a pre-commit hook that will send a pending
commit to code review, and will integrate nicely with *any* Subversion
client ... you're welcome to bring your proposal to dev@. But don't
expect someone else to write it for free in their spare time.

> More and more company change SCM system to Git.

That's their loss.

-- Brane

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