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From wuzhouhui <>
Subject version control model of Subversion source code
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2019 06:42:45 GMT

This question is unrelated to Subversion's usage or issues, but
related to version control model of Subversion source code. Let
me explain in detail.

As far as I know, new code is committed to trunk firstly, then
cherry-picked to release-branch in necessary, so the branch-view
of Subversion is following (cp stands for cherry-pick):

-----------o--------------------o-----------          1.10.x
          /                    /
        cp                   cp
        /                   /
--------o---------o--------o---------o-----o          trunk
        \          \                  \
         cp         cp                 cp
           \         \                   \
------------o---------o-------------------o           1.11.x

And tags are always created on release-branch.

Am I right?
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