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From "Marlow, Andrew" <>
Subject svn version 1.10 lack of robustness in presence of flaky network
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2019 07:22:37 GMT
Hello everyone,

I got this error below during an svn co command. It left my workspace in a bad state from
which I had to do svn cleanup before trying again (the retry worked):

svn: E200033: Another process is blocking the working copy database, or the underlying filesystem
does not support file locking; if the working copy is on a network filesystem, make sure file
locking has been enabled on the file server
svn: E200033: sqlite[S5]: database is locked
svn: E200042: Additional errors:
svn: E200033: sqlite[S5]: database is locked
svn: E200030: sqlite[S1]: cannot start a transaction within a transaction
svn: E200030: sqlite[S1]: cannot start a transaction within a transaction

I think this happens when the network is flaky. This error happened on windows but I have
also seen it happen on solaris 10.  Has anyone else seen this? If it is due to network flakiness
then perhaps svn should retry to work around this transparently, and thus be more robust?
Perhaps it could retry up to 3 times with a sleep a 1 second between retries?

Andrew Marlow
Consultant developer, Apex
38th Floor, 25 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf, London E14 5LQ
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