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From "Miller, Christopher M CIV USARMY MEDCOM AISR (US)" <>
Subject Not able to delete a repo from the CLI for Subversion
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2019 12:15:13 GMT

I'm cleaning up Subversion repos that got spread out by accident and going to upgrade Subversion
from v 1.6.11 to a newer version on a new RHEL7 VM. 

There are repos that were created that are either no longer used or were created haphazardly.
The daemon is on and I can grep successfully from the CLI. 

I'm trying to use the following command via the CLI to delete a repo: 

svn delete -m "delete repo that is no longer needed" file:///data/svn/dept_A/test
svn: 'file:///data/svn/IMO' isn't in the same repository as 'file:///data/svn/dept_A/test'

I've also tried to use the ip address too and got this error message: 

svn rm svn:// -m "delete repo" 
Authentication realm: <svn://> 678af798-5732-4a81-9cfb-4040117c6091
Password for 'user': 
svn: 'svn://' isn't in the same repository as 'svn://'

I was able to delete another repo via TortoiseSVN with no issues, and leave a comment. However
I would feel more comfortable doing the cleanup the CLI. 

Can someone advise me on what I'm doing incorrectly or is there another way to do this? 


Christopher M. Miller, MIS, Network+, A+, Linux+, Security+, C|EH, RHCSA 
Linux System Administrator Battlefield Health & Trauma Research 
Institute (BHTRI) / US Army Institute of Surgical Research (AISR)
3698 Chambers Pass, Building 3611
Ft. Sam Houston, TX  78234-6315
210 539 3299

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