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From "Rajesh Koilpillai" <>
Subject RE: Updates to Wiki
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:43:08 GMT
More comments in lined. 

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	From: Vikas Roonwal 
	Sent: Mon 10/10/2005 4:23 PM 
	To:; Paul Fremantle 
	Subject: Re: Updates to Wiki
	The mediators are supposed to be services in axis2 sense. 
	We plan to go for ws-policy, which would contain the necessary parameters for providing mediation
	Mediators would be generic i.e. they could be working for (mediating) various providerServices,
with each one(usually) having a different policy/parameter set! 
	[RK] Possible use case could be an authentication mediation component where each mediation
instance could point to a different ldap server instance for authentication credentials.
	How exactly is the re-loading/reconfiguring going to take place? 
	[RK] Assuming there is a translation of the policy metadata from the ws-policy format into
appropriate parameters in service.xml. How would any change in configuration be re-loaded
into service specific metadata when the mediation system is still UP and running. (Note: This
is assuming all service related metadata will be loaded during startup OR during the first
web hit to the service as part of service initialization)
	Were axis2 services designed with such generic-usage in mind?

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		From: Paul Fremantle <>  
		Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2005 6:53 PM
		Subject: Re: Updates to Wiki

		1 - thanks!
		2 - In Axis2 terms, the mediators are services. In other words there the rule matching engine
is a dispatcher, the modules provide the QoS, and then the Mediator is called by a SynapseMessageReceiver.
Modules intersperse handlers. The handlers and mediators are similar, but the fundamental
*meaning* or semantic of those are different. 
		BUT.... this is all subject to change. The wiki shows a few ways of doing this. Your proposal
is another possible approach. I suggest we code some up and try them out.
		On 10/6/05, Vikas <> wrote: 

			Few things
			1) We have added the Infravio X-Broker presentation made during the F2F to the Wiki.
			2) Why aren't the mediators modules[axis2 sense].
			This would not only allow us to leverage the full power of axis2 architecture but would
also make the synapse-terms and the modules used in QoS (addressing, security, etc;) indistinguishable.
			This will require us to modify axis2.xml to add custom phases but then we would have to
modify or extend the axis2-core to get the synapse dispatcher or receiver in anyways.
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			From: "Davanum Srinivas" < <> >
			To: < <> >; "Paul
Fremantle" < <> > 
			Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 10:22 PM
			Subject: Re: Updates to Wiki
			URL: <> 
			On 10/4/05, Paul Fremantle < <> > wrote:
			> Dims and I sat down and talked through the Synapse F2F with a bunch of Axis2
			> committers today. Dims took some great notes (better than at the F2F), and
			> we got some good ideas on how to implement inside Axis2. We've updated the
			> Wiki. We've also added the first two milestone targets.
			> Paul
			Davanum Srinivas : <> 
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