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From "Vikas" <>
Subject Re: IRC-Chat Log - 06th Dec 2005 Tuesday
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:29:52 GMT
Hi all,

Just a few doubts and concerns i have after the IRC 

* The processors reflect rule processing logic. They evaluate the stuff provided in the Synapse.xml
and decide which mediator to call.
* The mediator then does things which act as enhancements and additions to the service's functionality.

But in the current code:

*Everything is a processor
*Functionalities which were thought of as being mediator-based are being manifested using
*We have a processor that does the call to a service.[Invoking a service was supposed to be
another mediator's functionality, we used to call it sendMediator]
*We are blurring the line between processors and mediators, which IMHO is not too good.

The idea raised by Ant that 'a Processor can do pretty much whatever you like' is right but
we should make the fine distinction of allowing the processors just do logic/rule processing
and let mediators do the mediation specific activities.
The old way of processors being like the rule engine/ synapse engine which pick the relevant
mediator based on the message was good..

We need both -
* Processors - to allow for extensions of rule-processing logic
* Mediators - to allow custom mediation features
Hence there would be no point in renaming or replacing one with the other.

Am i out of tune??

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