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From James Chamberlain <>
Subject Re: Can Synapse use ws-addressing to switch transports?
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 16:04:28 GMT
I tried to open a issue in JIRA for adding support for additional
transports. It looks like the permissions on JIRA are too restrictive to
allow me to add a new issue. Here is the error that I got:

	Assign To: The default assignees do NOT have ASSIGNABLE permission OR
Unassigned issues are turned off.

If the permissions get opened up I will add the issue.

- James

On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 10:40 +0600, Saminda Abeyruwan wrote:
> On 12/28/05, James Chamberlain <> wrote:
>         I am working on a project where it would be useful to have
>         something
>         like Synapse route messages to more than one transport. I am
>         looking at
>         using ws-addressing to tell it where to route the message.
>         Some messages
>         would be destined for http endpoints and others would be
>         destined to
>         endpoints that use a custom transport. I have had success with
>         Synapse
>         routing the messages via ws-addressing to http endpoints, but
>         I have not
>         had success with it routing to my other endpoints that use the
>         custom
>         transport.
>         Is this a problem that Synapse is trying to solve (message
>         routing
>         between different transports)?
>         Should this functionality be working in this pre-M1 release
>         and I am 
>         just doing something wrong or is this functionality not ready
>         yet?
>         I know this is pre-release software and don't mind digging in
>         to figure
>         out what is going on. I just wanted to sanity check that
>         Synapse is 
>         designed to do what I am asking it to do.
>         Thanks,
>         James
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> Hi James,
> You are absolutely right. This will be one of Synapse ultimate goals
> {with qos like RM, Security, Transaction etc. }. 
> You can definitely use WS-Addressing to switch between transport or
> you can use <header/> element to select transport. Now Synapse is on
> Pre-M1 stage and it's configured to route messages among HTTP
> transports. What we are looking at the moment is to integrate JMS
> transport as well.  The current code at SVN has functionality to
> configure HTTP transport only so we have more work ahead of us. 
> We would really appreciate, if you can raise a JIRA on this aspect
> (bug tracking tool). 
> We are kindly welcome you to help us improve Synapse code base and
> development. 
> Thank you
> Saminda 

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