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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: Synapse-M1 packaging issue
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 17:20:10 GMT

Let me comment on bundling of Synapse, from Axis2 POV.

Saminda Abeyruwan wrote:

>Hi all,
>The current flow of the synapse is { Axis2-->Synapse Environment --->
>Axis2}. So following are the requirements we need to run Synapse.
>1. putting Synapse-M1-SNAPSHOT.jar to axis2's "lib"
>2. putting synapse.mar to axis2's "modules"
>3. putting synapse.aar to axis2's "services"
>4. {optional} putting emptymediator.aar to axis2's "services" and other aar
>5. Synapse related "axis2.xml"
>6. Rule configurator "synapse.xml"
>To bundle the above, we have following options,
>1. If we can think of a lightweight version, which will work with
>SimpleHTTPServer. This can be given in a synapse binary distribution.
I personally like to have a light weigt runtime for Axis2. That will
include the stuff that are absolutely required during the runtime.  If
that can be made available soon, then this option is also a viable

>2. synapse.war, which will contain the jsp's and include the latest axis2
>release. If we include latest release of axis2 inside synapse.war, that will
>lead to a massive file size of over 15 MB.
Axis2 currently has some packaging issues. We axis2 devs know that and
will discuss abt it during the next ApacheCon. Axis2 it self is not big,
but it contains third party jars like xerces, bouncy castle which are
big. We will work on this issue and will try our level best to get you
the optimum size.

-- Chinthaka

>I would prefer option 1 for M1 release. We need to carefully think about
>option 2, if we are gonna give it on M1.
>Alternatives are always possible and exists :). So please be kind enough to
>comment on this aspect of binary distribution packaging.
>Thanks you

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