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From Saminda Abeyruwan <>
Subject Synapse-M1 packaging issue
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 11:27:04 GMT
Hi all,

The current flow of the synapse is { Axis2-->Synapse Environment --->
Axis2}. So following are the requirements we need to run Synapse.
1. putting Synapse-M1-SNAPSHOT.jar to axis2's "lib"
2. putting synapse.mar to axis2's "modules"
3. putting synapse.aar to axis2's "services"
4. {optional} putting emptymediator.aar to axis2's "services" and other aar
5. Synapse related "axis2.xml"
6. Rule configurator "synapse.xml"

To bundle the above, we have following options,

1. If we can think of a lightweight version, which will work with
SimpleHTTPServer. This can be given in a synapse binary distribution.

2. synapse.war, which will contain the jsp's and include the latest axis2
release. If we include latest release of axis2 inside synapse.war, that will
lead to a massive file size of over 15 MB.

I would prefer option 1 for M1 release. We need to carefully think about
option 2, if we are gonna give it on M1.

Alternatives are always possible and exists :). So please be kind enough to
comment on this aspect of binary distribution packaging.

Thanks you


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