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From Saminda Abeyruwan <>
Subject Re: Can Synapse use ws-addressing to switch transports?
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 04:40:11 GMT
On 12/28/05, James Chamberlain <> wrote:
> I am working on a project where it would be useful to have something
> like Synapse route messages to more than one transport. I am looking at
> using ws-addressing to tell it where to route the message. Some messages
> would be destined for http endpoints and others would be destined to
> endpoints that use a custom transport. I have had success with Synapse
> routing the messages via ws-addressing to http endpoints, but I have not
> had success with it routing to my other endpoints that use the custom
> transport.
> Is this a problem that Synapse is trying to solve (message routing
> between different transports)?
> Should this functionality be working in this pre-M1 release and I am
> just doing something wrong or is this functionality not ready yet?
> I know this is pre-release software and don't mind digging in to figure
> out what is going on. I just wanted to sanity check that Synapse is
> designed to do what I am asking it to do.
> Thanks,
> James
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> Hi James,

You are absolutely right. This will be one of Synapse ultimate goals {with
qos like RM, Security, Transaction etc. }.

You can definitely use WS-Addressing to switch between transport or you can
use <header/> element to select transport. Now Synapse is on Pre-M1 stage
and it's configured to route messages among HTTP transports. What we are
looking at the moment is to integrate JMS transport as well.  The current
code at SVN has functionality to configure HTTP transport only so we have
more work ahead of us.

We would really appreciate, if you can raise a JIRA on this aspect (bug
tracking tool).

We are kindly welcome you to help us improve Synapse code base and

Thank you


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