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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Notes on Synapse
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 17:27:01 GMT
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I just checked out Synapse code, while I was updating all the projects
and it was very interested to see very good progress on Synapse. Great
work guys !!
Let me point you to some improvements which you can do to Synapse. I
hope these will not hinder the upcoming release in any means.

   1. The doc folder contains the api docs of Synapse. Do we need to
      maintain api docs in the svn ? Especially for a fast moving
      project, keeping api docs in the code base may not be a good
      idea as those gets outdated verysoon. My proposal is to add a
      goal to maven to get the api, if user wants and to put api docs
      in the site for every release.
   2. ${Synapse}\synapse-test-resources\axis2\modules contains,
      addressing-0.94.mar. Can't we add a dependency in maven to get
      this, so that if one needs to change the version or move in to
      SNAPSHOT of addressing, that can be done with the minimal
      effort. And this may lead to hard coding of of the location
      and/or the name of the war. Personally I don't feel good to have
      a compiled version of something in the codebase, especially with
      maven around.
   3. There is this class called
      (${Synapse}\test\org\apache\synapse\util) which I think should
      be renamed to
   4. I saw things related to samples is in different folders. The
      code is in src and the scripts are in the scripts folder. And
      there are some source codes existing outside the src folder
      (${Synapse}\extensions\SpringMediator). I think these are very
      good requirements for Synapse to become a multi-module project,
      just like Axis2. I think the first candidate modules will be
      core, samples, extensions. This is easier and elegant in terms
      of management and organization.
   5. The two documents in the xdocs folder are not hooked to the main
      site via a navigation.xml (Hope you will be using maven to
      generate Synapse site)

A side note : There is a discussion going on in the PMC list asking
the respective projects to list out the "active" committers of the
project (Sorry guys, the word "active" is yet to be defined in that
list  ;-) ). But I saw some one has removed the developers list from
the project..xml. Was it done purposely ?
I always feel like guilty when I'm commenting on codes not written by
me. So if you feel like these are rubbish, feel free to discard them
at your will :-) . I just wanted to share some of my experiences with
Axis2 here.

- -- Chinthaka
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