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From Paul Fremantle <>
Subject Re: Notes on Synapse
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 03:21:06 GMT

Firstly thanks for the detailed feedback!!

   1. The doc folder contains the api docs of Synapse. Do we need to
>       maintain api docs in the svn ? Especially for a fast moving
>       project, keeping api docs in the code base may not be a good
>       idea as those gets outdated verysoon. My proposal is to add a
>       goal to maven to get the api, if user wants and to put api docs
>       in the site for every release.


   2. ${Synapse}\synapse-test-resources\axis2\modules contains,
>       addressing-0.94.mar. Can't we add a dependency in maven to get
>       this, so that if one needs to change the version or move in to
>       SNAPSHOT of addressing, that can be done with the minimal
>       effort. And this may lead to hard coding of of the location
>       and/or the name of the war. Personally I don't feel good to have
>       a compiled version of something in the codebase, especially with
>       maven around.


    3. There is this class called

>       (${Synapse}\test\org\apache\synapse\util) which I think should
>       be renamed to


   4. I saw things related to samples is in different folders. The
>       code is in src and the scripts are in the scripts folder. And
>       there are some source codes existing outside the src folder
>       (${Synapse}\extensions\SpringMediator). I think these are very
>       good requirements for Synapse to become a multi-module project,
>       just like Axis2. I think the first candidate modules will be
>       core, samples, extensions. This is easier and elegant in terms
>       of management and organization.

I agree, but I don't like the Axis2 directory organisation. I think we need
a src\ with the core in, samples\ with the sample code in and extensions\
with extensions in.

   5. The two documents in the xdocs folder are not hooked to the main
>       site via a navigation.xml (Hope you will be using maven to
>       generate Synapse site)


A side note : There is a discussion going on in the PMC list asking
> the respective projects to list out the "active" committers of the
> project (Sorry guys, the word "active" is yet to be defined in that
> list  ;-) ). But I saw some one has removed the developers list from
> the project..xml. Was it done purposely ?

+1 yes we weren't sure exactly who wanted to be in here so rather than have
a bad list we removed it. Lets start a separate discussion to identify who
should be in this list.

I always feel like guilty when I'm commenting on codes not written by
> me. So if you feel like these are rubbish, feel free to discard them
> at your will :-) . I just wanted to share some of my experiences with
> Axis2 here.

Thanks again!

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