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From Saminda Abeyruwan <>
Subject Chatlog 19th Jan 2006
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 13:50:02 GMT
* Now talking on #apache-synapse
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* paulfremantle (n=paulfrem@ has joined #apache-synapse
paulfremantle hi folks
paulfremantle welcome soumadeep
saminda hi
paulfremantle hey saminda long time no see :p
saminda :)
* pvikas (n=p_vikas@ has joined #apache-synapse
paulfremantle hi vikas
pvikas hi everyone
paulfremantle guys .... I'm not going to stay long im afraid
saminda what would be the day's agenda
saminda hi Vikas
* dbrossar (i=dbrossar@ has joined #apache-synapse
dbrossar Hi everyone
saminda ok 1/2 a day's agenda
paulfremantle hey david welcome
dbrossar Sorry for the delay
paulfremantle im glad you got on!
dbrossar me too
Soumadeep thanks Paul
Soumadeep hi everyone
pvikas so paul, whens the M1 release going to be?
paulfremantle good question
paulfremantle I sent the note to incubator on
paulfremantle wait while i check
dbrossar in the meantime, may I ask some basic questions about Synapse?
dbrossar so I can catch up?
paulfremantle great go ahead
dbrossar I read the wiki pages, so I'm more or less familiar with the aims
dbrossar but I'd be interested to know whether there's a roadmap
paulfremantle k
paulfremantle yes
dbrossar and how you all got organized?
paulfremantle ish
paulfremantle :-)
paulfremantle not sure we are organised !!!
dbrossar like who does what and how?
dbrossar :-)
paulfremantle so the roadmap:
paulfremantle 1) we have a bunch of tidying up to do post the M1 release
paulfremantle I will send a note separately because I have a mental list
based on the discussions we've had since apachecon
dbrossar ok
Soumadeep Had few ideas to share... if you don't have an agenda then I can
put it across
pvikas [paul] U mean the processor to MediatorFactory transition?
paulfremantle thats one, plus improving the way we do references, plus a few
paulfremantle 2) we need a couple of key "base" things
paulfremantle which are
paulfremantle a) the ability to talk to some kind of simple registry (even
just a HTTP GET returning some data
paulfremantle b) the ability to do a switch statement or "exactlyone"
Soumadeep Are we discussing policy here
paulfremantle so that if for example we match a url (http://stockquote), we
don't try to match further urls
paulfremantle so we can efficiently handle a ruleset with lots of services
Soumadeep processor related...ok
paulfremantle yes
Soumadeep Header information doesn't have the remote client IP eg
messageContext.getProperty(MessageContext.TRANSPORT_HEADERS); I guess we
need to push this to the synapseMessageContext As it will be required for
client Identification.
dbrossar what would the registry hold? A set of services endpoints, right?
paulfremantle yes david
paulfremantle soumadeep i think that info is somewhere in there
paulfremantle if not we need to fix axis2 to get it
paulfremantle and we need to complete the list of things you can match on
and set in regex, xpath and headers tags
paulfremantle 3) we need to get WSSec and WSRM working
paulfremantle so that we can terminate RM /Sec or initiate
pvikas [paul] i tried implementing Client identification for SLAMediator, i
played around a lot but got nothing...
* Hariharasudhan (n=hari@ has joined #apache-synapse
pvikas think we should suggest axis2 folks to put in more data into the
paulfremantle we need the failover mediator done
paulfremantle yes vikas
paulfremantle saminda can you get us a list of what is there now and post to
mailing list
paulfremantle then we can consolidate a set of requirements
saminda will do
paulfremantle ta
Soumadeep For Mediator property files we need to have a generic data handler
Object, which will provide an easy mechanism to deal with the Name-Value
Soumadeep I guess last time you guys discussed about it...
paulfremantle yes soumadeep
paulfremantle that was one of the things i forgot in (1)
paulfremantle :-)
Hariharasudhan yes
paulfremantle then 5) I think we need to build a bunch of samples and really
drive the further development from a set of complex scenarios
pvikas yes, we certainly require it
paulfremantle and 6) I think we need to focus on some management / stats /
jmx enabling
pvikas did try a few implementations for that model we had discussed..
dbrossar if we can write and play with small sample scenarios, development
will become simpler
pvikas will post it to the list once finished
paulfremantle ps I sent the note to incubator at Date: Jan 17, 2006 9:09 AM
paulfremantle i will be travelling at that time tomorrow
paulfremantle but we can release at the weekend or monday latest
Soumadeep We might need to have a generic object loading util with the AXIS2
engine which will give the users a facility to load custom objects and use
it at any given point of time. Should not be specific to any
mediator.Aspecial module can be used to do it
Soumadeep any thoughts?
paulfremantle yes
pvikas this module would need to be engaged to the Synapse service....
paulfremantle we have that .... it is called a MediatorFactory :-)
paulfremantle well right now its called a processor config factory
Soumadeep Oh ok...
paulfremantle by the way as of now we have
paulfremantle (dont listen to me soumadeep).... last time we had a long
discussion about this.... and vikas promised us an analysis of the config
and context requirements :-)
paulfremantle we do need to look at that again....
paulfremantle that was only one option
paulfremantle there are a few others.
pvikas me and soumadeep were discussing abt it and have come up with a
property format and processor(to be changed to a mediator factory)
pvikas needs finishing touches..
paulfremantle ok
Soumadeep I will send the class dig.  how do you share docs right now
dbrossar via the SVN?
paulfremantle sure
Soumadeep ok
dbrossar it sounds like the logical place to put any docs
paulfremantle ok guys I'm going in 3 mins cos im done for here
paulfremantle i think thats a goodish todo list
saminda yes
paulfremantle i think we should aim for a M2 release in 3 months time
paulfremantle if we get all that done it will be pretty damn good
Soumadeep Do we talk a little bit about policy management/execution
paulfremantle which means we can do a release candidate in the summer
Soumadeep Vikas,Hari and I actually worked on a working prototype for policy
paulfremantle go ahead Soumadeep.... I'll catch up from the chat log
paulfremantle cool
paulfremantle btw who will log this?
Soumadeep which is in line with the IBM WSS policies
paulfremantle nice one
paulfremantle bye for now guys
* paulfremantle (n=paulfrem@ has left #apache-synapse
dbrossar Anyone still around?
pvikas yup
dbrossar :-)
dbrossar Mind if I can keep on asking very basic questions?
pvikas go ahead
saminda Soumadeep, is it possible you to put a mail to mailing list on
policy enforcement
pvikas So have you tried running the mediators...
dbrossar M1 is about to be released... What does it currently achieve?
Soumadeep Sure...
pvikas Saminda, the wiki abt m1criteria?? is it up-to-date..
saminda yes
pvikas i think david and many others would love to go through it...
saminda :)
dbrossar well I had a look at the wiki :-)
saminda let's start with the samples david
Soumadeep we will first try and put some basic thoughts together and then
work around it...
Soumadeep what say?
dbrossar are we talking about
dbrossar ?
pvikas well M1 demonstrates the basic core capabilities that synapse would
dbrossar the messaging, the routing...
Soumadeep sorry... policy...
Soumadeep Saminda.... is that ok?
dbrossar thanks
saminda now if you look at StockQuote client, you will see how synapse work
as a pass through betweeen client and a service
saminda ProxyStockQuote samples demonstrate virutal routing
dbrossar in order to download from the svn, do I need any authentication
saminda no
dbrossar what are the params then?
pvikas no... u just need the repository url..
dbrossar please
dbrossar ok
saminda is the svn location
dbrossar what about contributing to the repository? no login required
pvikas u need auth for that..
dbrossar makes sense :-)
saminda at the moment you have to send patches David
pvikas contributions are for commiters alone..
pvikas as commits
dbrossar oh ok
saminda so one of the committers can apply them, and we are very please to
have contributers to Synapse code base
pvikas we have a jira -
saminda JIRA is the bug tracking system uses by Synapse project
dbrossar yep!
pvikas u can log the bugs u find and submit patches for resolving bugs and
also for enhancements
dbrossar I've been getting its emails
dbrossar ok
dbrossar so when I change code, in order to submit it, I go through JIRA
pvikas yup
pvikas u send us the patch and we check it in, if nobody objects that it..
dbrossar so who are the committers and how do you become one?
dbrossar sorry about the first part of the question... The list is actually
on the wiki
* sanjiva has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
pvikas i think has a good detailed write up on how u become a
saminda we will be updating the site soon with the M1 release
dbrossar I'll go through that... Thanks
pvikas so david, did u try building Synapse and running the thing?
Hariharasudhan You should try looking at the deprecation code ... could be
of some help...
dbrossar no I haven't downloaded anything yet
dbrossar everything's on the SVN?
dbrossar do you folks use the SVN client built in Eclipse or does it not
matter at all?
Hariharasudhan oh ok... I think that's the first thing we suggest you do :-)
pvikas ya,give it a try. we would like to get ur feedback
dbrossar :-)
dbrossar Yes, that'll be the first thing on ny agenda
saminda use any Svn client you pls David :)
Hariharasudhan :-)
Hariharasudhan Use any client... tortoise
Hariharasudhan easy and clean...
dbrossar will do
saminda all Window guys using it here :)
dbrossar :-)
Hariharasudhan its TortoiseSVN Client
dbrossar i already have it for a different project
dbrossar it shouldn't be any problem...
pvikas hey saminda, did u try using synapse on linux/ solaris??
saminda Linux (Ubuntu)
Soumadeep catch you later guys ... bye
* Soumadeep (n=soumadee@ has left #apache-synapse
Hariharasudhan bye guys :-)
* Hariharasudhan (n=hari@ has left #apache-synapse
pvikas so david, is there anything else we can help u with?
saminda guys gota go now,
pvikas u put the log?
dbrossar well, if I can think of anything, do you mind my emailing it on the
saminda sure
dbrossar thanks
pvikas ok
saminda that's what we all do
saminda :)
dbrossar true
dbrossar lol
dbrossar sorry for those basic questions, still pretty much new to all this

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